New York Ophit Laser Tech INC founded in 2016,that is a high-tech company which keeps pace with the rapid development of high technology.We are equipped with the industry's top laser head R&D and smart manufacturing technology talents, first-class sales services and professional one-stop application and solutions,also working on laser cutting heads, welding heads, molten heads, powder feeders and flexible 3D robot smart manufacturing. We are committed to building a "Thor" level science and technology team to serve the society,boost the development of laser industry to help more laser peers to acquire wealth.
The best laser heads and technology to improve customers'production and life.To make us and our industry peers more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable.
Mission We support digital transformation in the age of intelligent industry and Internet of Things.Its mission is to empower everyone and organization on the planet with greater productivity.
Philosophy Customer's success is our philosophy.We provide our customers with the technology and reliable high quality products they need and expect.
Our purpose
We create technologies that transform industry to raise productivity of every industry.
Customer first, strict discipline, excellent quality, risk taking bravely, respect for the industry, paying attention to results can help us to make decisions and treat each other, and serve our customers to achieve their goals.We are united by our goals and driven by our values to achieve our goals and help our customers succeed.