Thor Warrior 1500
Power rating: 12000~15000W
Processing: Suitable for precision plane cutting with any thinknesss, product marking. Material: ceramic, non-ferrous metal and metal materials.
1. Automatic focusing with imported motor drive effectively improves the efficiency of perforation processing with a repetitive focusing accuracy of 40 um. 2. Built-in integral water cooling, completely closed module structure, strongly prevented the optical lens from being polluted by dust with Class IP65. 3. IoT fusion: Internet, mobile phone, PC services.
Compatible with QBH,QB+,QD and Q+connector
Collimated focal length: Focusing focal length: Nozzle specification: Nozzle Diameter: Vertical focus range: Horizontal adjustment range: Effective clear aperture: Water cooling pressure: Cutting pressure: Weight:
100mm 200mm、300mm Single layer, double layer, non-standard 0.8-4.0mm -18mm~27mm ±3.0mm 38mm 3-5Bar ≤30Bar (Nitrogen gas, oxygen gas, mixed gas) ≤7.5kg